September 12th - 13th 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Many industrial experts have claimed that by 2030 GCC region will be the busiest in terms of trade. There have been several trends which have been influencing Supply Chain and Logistics in the GCC region. With technological advancement like Blockchain, IoT, Big data, Artificial Intelligence etc. in almost all the organizations have created a new wave of productivity in the region. The customer expectations have increased with regards to the services provided by the companies. There has been an increase in competition among business bodies to update their offerings and keep up with the pace with sudden changes in the consumer needs by implementing fully integrated and effective solutions to increase their productivity and profitability. As a flourished economy GCC region needs to be leading among all the nations and becoming nerve centre of supply chain.

About the Conference

The Conference & Exhibition over these 2 days, will bring together the Supply Chain and Logistics leaders from all over the GCC region to provide them with engaging, thought-provoking sessions, invaluable networking sessions by offering insights & solutions and practical examples to prepare them for the current and future challenges, explore latest technologies and best practices to overcome all the obstacles coming their way in this field.

Great event that allowed us to refresh and network. 2 days fully worth it.


Just for the Heads of Supply Chain
Live Demonstration
Interactive Panel Discussion
Stimulating Keynote Addresses and Case Studies
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